Three Dimentional MultiMedia Art

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"These works exemplify an emerging global spirit with its strong sense of ancestral memory and identity, building a bridge between past, present and future and finally transcending local knowledge to express a universal identity.
In making cross cultural references and synthesizing Eastern and Western elements through metaphors and symbols to create works that reflect both the fragility of the environment and the vulnerability of humankind and the human condition, I attempt to call to mind the now threatened symbiosis of nature and humanity.
Through the selection of materials and motifs, my work speaks for the continuity of cultural heritage and for spiritual survival in the context of the contemporary world.

The essence of bird is caught in the colorful plumes of pampas grass, at one end suggesting soft feathers, and at the other end, skeletal stalks framing outspread wings.

Medium:  Pampas flowers, bamboo, twine
Dimension:  18' x 6' x 2'


"Bird" represents a conduit of humankind, combining the use of mythic and mechanics signifying movement from one plane to another, of transcendental flight from the physical world to the spiritual.

Medium:   Canvas, Prints on paper
Dimension:  15’ x 4’ x 1’


"Tree" returns paper to its natural origins to make a majestic visual metaphor for the role that trees play in transmitting human knowledge through the printed word.

Medium:  Canvas, Prints on paper
Dimension:  3 ½’ x 8’ x 1’



‘Flag’ symbolic of patriotism is festooned with memorial flowers flanking one end and on the other red twine spills down becoming an affecting metaphor for bloodshed.

Medium:   Canvas, Prints on paper
Dimension:  8’ x 3’ x 1’


From time immemorial ‘Shield” is humanity’s recognition of its need to protect its own vulnerability and fragility.

Medium:  Canvas, Prints on paper
Dimension:  8’ x 4’ x 1’



Papers with transcription of printed imagery denoting the record of human existence are impaled upon bamboo shafts that contain tears and gashes, suggesting humankind to be conflicted and discordant.

Medium:  Canvas, Prints on paper
Dimension:  8’ x 8 Ό’’ x 1’


Bamboo, paper and twine are a symbolic reference to nature.  The presence of humankind is suggested in the papers printed with apparent inscription.  The splayed bamboos are bound with twine-bandaged-wounds inflicted by piercing stalks of paper.  All affecting metaphors allude to a travesty of nature by humankind.

Medium:  Canvas, Prints on paper,
Dimension:  10 1/4' x 8' x 5 1/2'



Papers inscribed with apparent inscription make reference to the record of human existence.  The burnt bamboo, scorched papers and stained twine are affecting metaphors for a polluted and distressed environment, likened to water colored by acid rain.

Medium:  Prints on paper, bamboo, twine
Dimension:  5 1/2' x 4 1/2' x 1'
Collection of World Bank,
Washington D.C.



"Banner is a reference to the Tiananmen incident.  Bamboo, an Asian icon, serves as flagpole, with a spill of red twine cascading one side, while more  twine is fashioned into a procession of funeral flowers on the opposite border.  Against a backdrop of predominant  black and bloody red,  they further allude to the harsh elements  of massacre.

Medium:  Prints on paper, bamboo, twine
Dimension:  8' x  21/4' x 10"
Collection of Asian American Arts Center,
New York City




Stretched on bamboo are papers with transcription that allude to the human presence in nature's environ.  The scorched bamboos and papers distressed by hand is symbolic of the abuse of nature by humankind.

Medium:  Prints on paper, bamboo, twine
Dimension: 6 3/4' x 6 1/4' x 1'