Dolly Unithan - Installations

  The installations of “Doves” comprise doves suspended from streams of netting.   They are used metaphorically as symbols of universal peace.   The dimensions of the art work and repeated formations of the doves serve to reinforce the projected message of peace. 
In the shared collective experience, the doves offer spiritual communion in reflecting humanity’s yearning for peace.

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TITLE: Banners of Martyrs 

Tweed Gallery 

Presentation: Office of the Mayor of the City of New York for Asian Affaires and The Asian American Arts Center

The memorial art installation comprises white floral funerary icons on streams of multi-layered fabric. They accommodate transcribed names of victims in incidents of hate crimes in the United States, researched by Amnesty International and Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence.  They span the rotunda of Tweed Gallery

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  Title:  Doves 

Tweed Gallery, New York City 

Sponsorship:  Office of the Mayor of New York City

'Doves', installed in celebration of Asian American month, universal icons of peace, reflects my hopes for harmony among not only Asians, but also the peoples of the world. 



Title:  Doves

Gracie Mansion, Residence of the Mayor of New York City

World Soccer Cup Celebration

'Doves' is used metaphorically as a symbol of international goodwill at the World Soccer Cup celebration at Gracie Mansion.


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Title:  To the Millennium 

25th Anniversary celebration, Asian American Arts Center, New York City

My aspirations for peace, expressed in the universal symbol of doves are subsumed when shared collectively in spiritual communion, transforming the experience into humanity's yearning for peace.

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Title:  Doves-Peace Summit '96 

Peace Parish, Austria 


'Doves', a visual display is accompanied by music in harmony at Peace Summit '96, Peace Parish, St. Ulrich, Upper Austria, in conjunction with the Millennium celebration of Austria.

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