Dolly Unithan
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With great sadness, we announce that Dolly passed from us in July of this year, 2018.

Her prodigious output of art created over many years and being seen around the world has received considerable critical acclaim.

Her patient caring personality was loved by all of us. We shall miss her dearly, but with the knowledge that her art will live on.

I am a Malaysian-born artist. My art expresses a universal spirit encompassing my sense of ancestral memory and ethnic identity in which the essence, form and textures of the past shape my interpretations of the present and sense of the future. In building bridges spanning the past, present and future, local knowledge is transcended to exemplify a world communality.

My own identity is defined through a personal voice and view enlarged by a critical awareness of contemporary aesthetics and events. On exploring the sculptural potential of fabric and paper interrelated with natural materials such as bamboo and twine in creating works that are concerned with issues of the encroachment on nature and inroads into the external and internal human condition, the selected materials used become an affecting metaphor reflecting upon our fragile environment and our human vulnerability.

In making cross-cultural references and synthesizing Asian and Western elements through metaphors and symbols to create works that reflect both the fragility of the environment and the vulnerability of humankind, I call to mind the now threatened symbiosis of nature and humanity. Through the appropriation of native and folkloric materials and motifs, I speak also for the continuity of cultural heritage and for spiritual survival in the context of the contemporary world.